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onar hotel tinos
7, Nik. Foskolou, 84200, Chora, Tinos

The Onar Hotel and Suites is a boutique hotel in the town of Tinos, overlooking the old port...

Tinos, Agios Fokas, Greece

One of the few lodges on Tinos surrounded by a lush green area of 15000 sq.m., full of geraniums, palm trees, olive trees and...

Crossroads Inn
Tinos, Tripotamos, Greece

The aim of the “Crossroads Inn” Traditional Lodgings project, was to enrich our guests’ alternatives: to give them the pleasure ...

Tinos, Agios Sostis, 842 00, Greece

Cavos complex is a small white village built in traditional style, offering a true breath of relaxation and enjoyment for your...

Tinos, Laouti, Greece

Byzantio Beach Suites & Wellness on Tinos Island is a group of elegant beachfront suites, studios & apartments at Agios...

Agios Fokas 84200, Tinos

The traditional architecture is celebrated in discreet magnificence A total welcoming experience in a village-like setting...