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BIO Products Vagia, 84200 Tinos
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BIO-LOGOS TINOS. Antonios Foustanias, having as a guide his studies on cooking, pharmaceutical and cosmetics technology as well as his knowledge of traditional production methods and modern herbal medicine, created in 2012 the bio-shop that provides a full range of organic products.

In the two bio-stores in Tinos and Athens, you will find products of high nutritional value, organic products of all kinds, vegan and gluten free products, high quality fridge stored products (vegetables, dairy products, fruits), organic proteins, BIO oils (cold butter press), and superfoods. You will also find toiletries and beauty products, cosmetics, essential oils and base oils from fine distilleries, handmade ointments and soaps. For their preparation, pure organic olive oil, untreated beeswax and natural essential oils are used as a base.

The laboratory of Bio-products is located in Tinos (it is even visited) and has its products, apart from the two shops, distributed all over Greece through a wide retail and wholesale network. At the same time, its collection includes all the local products of Tinos, as well as top quality products from the world market and from the Greek land. The basic axis for choosing every product that will be included in the family of Bio-logos is the long-standing and persistent research that demonstrates its effectiveness.

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