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On vacation you are looking for the other side of yours, the… outer one! The one you’ve forgotten all year round and you have to look for and re-visit in summer. Arriving in Ysternia, just before the road leading to the bay, the enigmatic sign EXOMERIA (=outer side) will help you. Apparently it does not lead anywhere. Following this, you will find the stone stairs to descend to “Stairway to heaven” reaching the terrace with the divine view. The sky and the sea join in Syros and then they divide to reunite again in the surrounding Cycladic islands. Somewhat like John and Mary who left from inside Athens and opened up for their… out(er)side EXOMERIA.

ΕXOMERIA balances on the side of Ysternia village and this is the key element of its success. The balance! Its owners perceived and respected the uniqueness of the natural landscape and the culture of the place, balanced their own outlook and added only as much as needed! Creative minimalism in decoration, inspiring classical music, white color, high quality and aesthetics. They have formed the ideal place to relax, rest, refresh your mind.

Same philosophy on dishes and shakers. Adherence to purely local ingredients, nothing ready, traditional “contoured” recipes with unpretentious gourmet additions. A rich breakfast and the well-known brunch with handmade bread rolls, local butter and Tinos thyme honey, omelette with roasted tomato sauce-pancetta-feta, omelette with Tinos anthotyro cheese and fresh basil, brochettes and sandwiches imaginatively combining local products. Fresh colorful salads, pizzas made from their own dough, pasta and meat from a menu that focuses on quality and not necessarily on variety. Close your meal with delicious sweets (mille-feuille, lemon pie, chocolate fondant, and trifle with chocolate ganache and caramel) and original cocktails (eg “Paloma” with mint and plum jam, “Sultanina” with gourd and ginger).

Discover your out(er)side… EXOMERIA!!!

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Publiée par εξωμεριά sur Samedi 23 novembre 2013
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