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Aperitivo (All Day Bar) Komi, 84200 Tinos
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KALAIS TINOS. Kalais, the son of Voreas (North Wind God), one of the Voreades goddesses, most famous for their speed and ability to cross the ethers. The winged mythological heroes, after their heroic adventures, ended up in Tinos where they were killed by Hercules. Since then, they have symbolized the power of the wind and the “meltemia” (north winds) that often blow on the island during the summer.

Many centuries later, a good wind brought Apostolos and Dionysis to Tinos. In the wonderful square of Komi they created their own space. A place with personality and authenticity, focused on human communication and the truth of the island. After many hours of hiking, they collected old objects, features of life on the island (wood from mills, wreaths of barrels, cups, hooks, stones) and transformed them into decorative and useful objects that cultivate the authentic, vintage aesthetics of the space. The turquoise color that alternates with white refers to the hair color of the mythical hero.

At the tables in the square, under the plane tree, you will find yourself from early in the morning for Venetian coffee (Doge Rosso), until late at night for cool, original cocktails. The philosophy of the cocktail list is based on pure flavors and ingredients. Natural juices, natural spirits, handmade liqueurs are creatively combined into cocktails deriving their names from the wider area of ​​Komi (the surf style “Laundry”, the “Bridges” with thyme, the exotic “Ship”, etc.). Accompany them with cold dishes, snacks, burgers, quesadillas and sweets (highlights: the cake and the ice cream made out of artichoke). You hear atmospheric music but also the rustling of the leaves, being happy with the simplicity while Kalais from above is winking at you……

KALAIS TINOS. It stays open all year round.

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