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Tavern Panormos, Tinos
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TINOS PERI ANEMON (= About the Winds in Greek). A new, fresh wind is blowing from this summer at PERI ANEMON of Panormos. Anna and Nikos, together with their children, having lived for twenty-five years in Athens, they made their dream come true at last. They settled in Tinos, took over and created their own space where their friends gather. A traditional tavern that loves homemade flavors, simplicity and authenticity and combines the quality of ingredients from the surrounding suppliers, the well tended cuisine but most of all pleasant and smiling owners.

At a focal point of the beautiful, picturesque bay that “sees” the North, where Aeolos blows and takes care of Peri Anemon, you enjoy the view that calms you while Anna takes care of the rest. Appetizers to be shared, seafood by the sea, local flavors, home cooking and carefully grilled meats, in a properly assembled menu, with the dishes of the day being a pleasant addition.

Midday or evening, with the sea breeze on your face, with full glasses and plates quickly emptied, you strictly speaking sit “on… the wave” – so close to the sea – speaking with friends on winds (Peri Anemon) and waters! Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?


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