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Gallery Giannouli Chalepa, 84200 Chora, Tinos

One of the most audacious art installations opened on Friday night. at Soul Food, Tinos. Soul Food is run by Georgia, a Jamaican who lives in Harlem, who landed in Tinos 4 years ago. In one year later, she created the Art Unexpected Festival in Isternia. Last year, Soul Food opened in the Chora and presented nine (9) outstanding exhibitions including two (2) with local artists.

Soul Food was able to start the execution of its bold plan to make art more accessible, by collaborating with the street artists Ger, Booz and Blue to paint one building of the elementary school 2 in the Chora (October 2018). This street art project was so well liked that other artists have been approached by Tinos to present proposals for creating such art pieces in Tinos.

People have been making art since the beginning of time. Even when we don’t know why the first cave art was created, we are still able to elicit joy and amazement from these drawings. Art is uplifting, curative and restorative and allows us to express ourselves without words. Soul Food believes the best art occurs when people abandon their rigidly held sense of barriers and expectations. Soul Food includes not only visual art, but fashion, music, installations, dance, (anything that creates or tells a story) under its umbrella. Soul Food supports artists of any genre, curates/exhibits anything, and creates numerous opportunities for artists to work.

The first residency begins this week with second career artist Mindell Seidlin, with no formal art history training, who has exhibited in New York, Connecticut and Tel Aviv. Soul Food has an interesting philosophy. It believes it would be more interesting if art could be every where and not limited to galleries or museums. It seeks to break barriers encouraging all artists, by creating public art and making its exhibitions immersive and interactive.

2 nights ago, Soul Food re-opened in the Chora. Located in ex Taverna O’Kipos, it is a little complicated to find, but when found, a treasure awaits you. This year there is a new bar – Tropical Paradise, which is not too loud nor crowded since it is in a residential neighbourhood. The Soul Food cafe (with sandwiches, salads and lots of cake) opens in high season and will feature single origin coffee with alternative milk. Feel free to come dance, hang out in the garden, enjoy a tropical drink – a homage to Georgia’s roots in Jamaica. Then there is the art. The first installation, Fragments, presents the ceramic objects of Chrisa Liarmacopoulou, Giannis Mamoutzis, Haris Panousopoulos, Telis Sofianopoulos and George Trichas. The installation is set up as an archeological dig. It is open daily 12PM to 12AM until the 6th July.

On the 7 July, at 7 PM, the next exhibition starts. A local artist will present Seven (7).
As always, Expect the unexpected!


Giannouli Chalepa, 84200 Chora, Tinos

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