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Tsipouro tavern Dyo Choria, Tinos
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STO KAPAKI TINOS. The traditional yet post-modern café and tavern is an ideal choice to start your day with a hearty breakfast or brunch, under the cool plane trees. Greek breakfast, alternative sadwiches (santos), omelettes or pancakes are prepared while you enjoy the coffee, the beauty and tranquility of the village, the sound of the running water of the spring.

From early noon until late at night continue with cold or hot dishes that combine fresh local ingredients, the Tinian tradition and favorite flavors. You choose your favorite spirit (raki, bottled tsipouro, ouzo) or wine and the dishes to share with your friends. Typical Tinian appetizers (Volaki cheese, kariki, louza, artichokes), meat appetizers (prok fried with garlic butter, “tigania” pan, tinian sausage) and more, you will accompany with parsley salad, fava beans salad, cheese curds, smoked eggplant and cool salads. Once the bottle is empty, order another one right after (=Sto Kapaki in greek)!

Tip: If you happen to be at Sto Kapaki on Thursday, the “Pena Trilia” group with their live program undertake to get you off the table…

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