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Tourist - Travel Office Stavrou-Kionion Av.2, Chora 84200, Tinos, Greece
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Tinos Tours Tourist Office in Tinos Chora. Continuing the 50 year tradition  of providing high quality services to the traveller.


Although Tinos is known as the island of Virgin Mary (Panagia), it can offer a plethora of options to the adventurous traveler. Tranquility base, and base for discovery, invites you to discover, to walk and definitely to love it. You can enjoy with us all the things that make Tinos one of the most favorite destinations: secret beaches and unique villages, stunning scenery and warm hospitality, bright light and peaceful colors.

Continuing the 50 year tradition of our office on the island, always with the aim of providing high quality services, we recommend complete holiday packages in Tinos, Greece and abroad regardless of the holiday duration (one-day, few days or more).


-We settle all tourist and travel arrangements, ferry tickets, airfare, hotel and apartments booking, reservations depending on your needs.

-We are always at your disposal to prepare excursions packages not only on the island but also in every place in Greece and abroad, at the best possible prices according to your preferences.

– We organize trips for groups, private tours of the island, and daily excursYions to the neighboring islands, Andros, Syros and Mykonos.

– We also organize hiking tours. Tinos is an island offering unique alternative tourism. We can propose you unbelievable hiking routes on paved paths to explore the Tinian nature. Create small groups of walkers and with the accompaniment of a specialized guide – escort enjoy unforgettable experiences.

– For your next social event (wedding, christening, etc.) or congress we take care of all transports needed.

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