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Discover Tinos Trekking…

It is true that if you do not get separated from your car for a bit, you will probably, experience only a bit of Tinos and certainly enough, you will miss some of the most charming pictures of the island. Walking in the dry summer, or the lush (yet!) winter Tinos, villages, stone walls, mills, pigeon houses, churches, cobbled streets will form the basic references. Find out your own!

The program “Alternative Forms of Tourism – Promotion of Cultural Interest Itineraries” restored and marked trails in areas of great cultural interest.

The ten official journeys included in the program are:

Falatados- [Myrsini] – Maganari – Plati – Coast of Livada.
Xinara – Xobourgo – Koumaros – Skalados – Krokos -Loutra- Perastra – Smardakito – Tarambados – Kambos.
Monastery Kechrovouni – Mountados- Sperados – Tripotamos – Xobourgo.
Kionia – [Hatzirados] – Ktikados – Smourdia – Vari – Poles – Chora.
Falatados (Kathlikados) – Volax – Griza – Sklavochorio – Agapi.
Steni – Potamia – Maroulis – Lychnaftia.
Myrsini – Prophet Elias – Top of Tsiknias.
Dyo Choria – Mandalou – Phaneromene – Kunares – [Ag Varvara] – Agios Sostis.
Kardiani – [Bay Giannakis] – Ysternia – [Bay Ysternia] – Platia – Pyrgos – [Panormos] – Marlas – Mamados.
Kalloni- [Karkados] – Aetofolia- Koris’ Pyrgos – Stavria- Monastery – Katapolianis – Platia – [Pyrgos] – Rohari.

Regardless of whether your hobby is hiking, or if this is your first attempt, regardless of your physical condition, the available hiking maps and instructions of willing to help villagers will reveal dozens of trails suitable for you.

We suggest that you find out informal Tinos Trekking routes to destinations that will attract and “open up your own secret trail”.

* The travel office offers hiking tours in Tinos and undertakes to organize everything you need for a unique hiking experience!

* The company Tinos Outdoor Activities offers organized activities: Hiking, Climbing, Bouldering, Via Ferrata, Thematic excursions, Cycling tours.

* You can visit the website in order to find updated info regarding the official trekking footpaths of Tinos.

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