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Though it may be unfamiliar to many people, Tinos is well known internationally, especially in Europe, as a climbing destination.

Whether you book secured climbing or bouldering (climbing low cliffs without using a rope), Xobourgo and Volax respectively, will offer you a thrilling experience.

On the impressive and steep Xobourgo with its Venetian castle, initially (by 2007, through a North Aegean Administration funding program) about 90 routes with sportive hiking character.

The routes are divided into nine sectors (grouped under the names: Psygio (Refrigerator), Glyptis (Sculptor), Tama, Kechros, Ochyro (Fort), Paximadokleftra, Veniamin, Katameri, Miracle with their difficulty ranging from 5a to 7b +, with most of them ranging between 6a and 6c. All routes are fully equipped with stainless steel plugs – rings. From “Tama” for beginners to the Afesi Amartion”absolution” for the experienced, the granite of Xobourgo will compensate the climber.

Ask locals for areas, access routes, difficulties, weather and soil characteristics before you start Tinos Climbing and do not forget the necessary helmet.

The best time for climbing Xobourgo is in Spring and in the Fall, and during mild winter days. Summer is not prohibitive since, depending on the conditions, there are available routes. Special caution is required because of the frequent and strong winds on the island.

The unique “lunar” landscape of Volax, apart from its wild natural beauty and geological interest, offers the greatest field for bouldering in Europe, with its granite boulders covering more than 20 square kilometers.

The rotund or frequently zoomorphic rocks form the 8 fields with about 700 problems. You can get the detailed guide for bouldering, describing most of them.

You can rent the necessary equipment (climbing shoes, magnesia, tape for fingers, brush for cleaning the rock, crash-pads, mattresses, etc.) by Tinos Outdoor Activities company located in Tinos Chora.

The best time for bouldering in Tinos is the winter but you can also try doing it in summer, always avoiding the exposure to the sun during midday.

Obey safety rules, consult the local climbers and enjoy bouldering in the high-level “tracks” of Volax.

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