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Discover Tinos Surf…

This “Aeolian Island” could be nothing else but the playground for surf lovers. Strong winds, properly orientated beaches and big waves, being there only to invite and challenge! The fact that Tinos is an ideal destination for water Extreme Sports, is probably not a secret anymore!

With a weather forecast for a wind of Beaufort 5 and above (trust us-it is not strange, especially in August), upload Jack Johnson or Punk Rock on your Mp3 and head for:
Megali Kolymbithra: A beach famous for water sports. Sandy, exposed to northern winds, very long and facing the North Aegean.
Livada: Also in the North, known for very large waves. Requires care and experience because the bottom is rocky and there are a lot of currents.
Agios Fokas: The longest sandy beach of the island, in the south, closer to Chora.
Kionia: Also long, sandy and close to Chora.
Ag. Romanos: Sandy, forming a bay, in the southern part.
Pahia Ammos: Forming a bay and facing the Strait of Tinos – Mykonos. Waves are rare but it is worth it.
Ag Ioannis (Porto): large, sandy beach, in the S/E part of Chora.

For Surfing you should choose Kolymbithra and Livada or the southern beaches with southerly winds.

For Windsurfing, Agios Fokas, Kionia, Saint Romanos and Ag. Ioannis (Porto).

For Kite surfing options are numerous as well.

In summer, mainly in August, but in recent years, in July as well, the prevailing winds most of the days are the northern ones.

Quite often, during winter, there are very strong southerly winds.

If you are looking for big waves, select the northern beaches with the north winds and the southern ones with the South winds.

The island has a coastline of 114km, you will surely find your favorite but yet undiscovered spot and enjoy Tinos Surf!


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