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Yoga in Tinos

Welcome to our Tinos… a place where Air and Earth are merged. You chose the sun drenched island of Tinos for your summer or for your home and we wish to offer you a way to ‘travel’ into yoga practice, relaxation and the exploration of the island.
Follow us on hidden natural treasures and practice with us or follow a private session, with one of our qualified teachers. Treat yourself with a blissful massage or treatment by our therapists.
Let the modern distractions go, merge yourself with the nature. Join our daily sessions, workshops and Retreats, because Tinos is perfect vacation destination.

– Hatha Yoga: Yoga is a process of self exploration for the teacher as well. During my practice I like urging my students to look inside themselves and observe their mind, their breath and their body. I teach Hatha Yoga during which we do asana (postures) as preparation for meditation. There is nothing fancy in my practice. On the contrary, I create classes with playful sequences trying to give my students the chance to experience strength and joy and celebrate on their mat a practice aiming at unifying mind, body and soul.
– Swing Yoga: Be airfull by exercising yoga over the swings. You will leave this class happier, healthier and taller. Some benefits that are most common are: Reset the body the mind and the breath trough the inverted positions, Core strengthening, Upper and lower body muscular strengthening, Increased muscular flexibility and joint mobility, Anti-aging, as it Re-aligning of the spine and refreshes the lymphatic, endocrine, digestive and circulatory systems. Releases happiness through the hormones of serotonins, endorphins and dopamine.


Yoga in Tinos Retreats suggests two different types of massage according to your needs:
– Full body relaxation and anti stress massage with hot oils (60’)
This type of massage is a therapy for deep relaxation, and rejuvenation. We use a blend of unique quality essential oils according to the receiver’s needs, in order to achieve physical and mental balance
– Thai massage or Thai yoga massage (60’- 90’)
A curative massage technique that has its roots in the basic principles of Ayuverda, the oldest medical system in India.
A meditation massage practice in motion where the therapist coordinates with the receiver and recognizes his needs, transmitting his love and kindness through his touch. During the session, the receiver is dressed in loose, light clothing and the technique consists of pressures and stretching similar to yogic asanas.
Thai massage helps reduce stress, muscular and skeletal problems, decongest the lymph and makes our body more flexible. A session can be from very smooth to very dynamic and lasts from 60’ to 90’. The goal is for the patient to experience deep relaxation that will allow the body and mind to retreat in order to find an inner balance.

In Yoga in Tinos Retreats you will find 5 organic body oils for the 5 elements from which our body is made. 5 body oils, made with essential oils from our island, heal the body, the breath and the mind:
1) Ether – Calming and warming with essential oils (neroli & bergamot & jasmine & sandalwood & vanilla + pure argan oil base)
2) Fire – Calming and cooling with essential oils (sandalwood & vetiver + jasmine + pure argan oil base)
3) Water – Centering and invigorating with essential oils (bergamot & lavender & geranium + pure argan oil base)
4) Air – Soothing with essential oils (ylang ylang & jasmine & orange + pure argan oil base)
5) Earth – Grounding and fortifying with essential oils (patchouli & clove & coriander + pure argan oil base)
The life force (Prana) emitted by the natural fragrances is absorbed into the blood stream through the lungs and the skin healing and bringing balance to every body type.

Address: Agiou Nikolaou, Chora, 84200 Tinos
Tel: 0030 693 737 5027


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