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Yoga in Tinos

YOGA IN TINOS: Our Philosophy
Eleni is a certified yoga instructor living on the island of Tinos since 2013. She has completed 3 Yoga Teacher Trainings (200h & 300h & 365h) and has attended seminars of various Yoga Schools including Vinyasa Flow, restorative yoga, yin yoga, Ashtanga (Eddie & Jocelyne Stern), Bhakti, Yoga Swings (Aerial Yoga) and Yoga Kids (Rainbow Kids Yoga). She is also an Ayurvedic practitioner, aromatherapist and herbal therapist.
Born in Athens, Eleni graduated from the Faculty of Political Science and continued her studies in London in Management (MSc). She then worked for companies in the publishing and pharmaceutical sectors for several years.
A car accident in her early adulthood resulted in cervical disk herniations and excruciating pain. Living in the UK at the time, Eleni tried yoga for the first time and realized that the body itself can heal pain through exercise, individualized practice and the right alignment.
Eleni’s philosophy is to keep her yoga classes free of unnecessary complexity and to prepare her students’ bodies for meditation. She creates classes with playful sequences that give her students strength and joy. Her practice aims at unifying mind, body and soul.


Retreats and Workshops also take place outdoors, on beaches and locations of unique natural beauty. Recently, Eleni and her husband Giovanni created the handmade outdoor shala. In the area of Plakiani, just before Kardiani, they maintained a traditional terrace and shaped it properly, away from the modern distractions, so that everyone can be left to the healing nature of Tinos.


In a beautiful shala, in the center of Chora, Eleni welcomes you to discover the practice that suits your body and temperament. Wellness and natural therapy for all bodies and all ages. At Yoga In Tinos you can come into contact with and enjoy:
– Hatha Yoga
– Aerial Yoga
– Vinyasa Yoga
– Restorative Yoga
– Massage therapies




The “Yoga in Tinos Retreats” offers different types of massage according to your needs:
– Deep Full Body Relaxation massage / Ayurvedic massage (60’). A full body relaxing therapy, with hot oils and essential oils (according to your type)
– Deep Tissue massage / sports massage (60’). An hour of full body massage, focusing on blocked areas of the body. We recommend it to those who love strong massage therapies
– Τhai massage (60′). The traditional thai massage that stretches the whole body and balances your energy.
– Reflexology massage (60’). An hour of traditional reflexology massage on the feet and legs. A therapy which balances all organs of the body and roots you back on earth.
– Back massage (30’). A 30min treatment for those who suffer from back and neck pain.
– Yoga In Tinos massage (90’). A full body treatment combining relaxation, deep tissue and Moxa personalized and according to your needs. A deep therapy that affects the nervous system.
– Shiatsu (60′ or 90’). A healing art form based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. It includes pressures on the whole body using mainly the thumbs and palms and aims to relax and activate the body, restore the balance of energy through the meridians (energy channels) in order to strengthen the healing abilities of the body.


In Yoga in Tinos Retreats you will find 5 organic body oils for the 5 elements from which our body is made. 5 body oils, made with essential oils from our island, heal the body, the breath and the mind:
1) Airth – Calming and warming
2) Fire – Calming and cooling
3) Water – Invigorating
4) Air – Soothing with essential oils
5) Earth – Grounding and fortifying with essential oils
You will also find natural products and items related to Yoga (yoga mats, marble candle holders, aromatic sage sticks, handmade teas with herbs of the island, etc.).


Address: Agiou Nikolaou, Chora, 84200 Tinos
Tηλ: (+30) 693 737 5027

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