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Tinos Art

Tinos Art: It is the tradition of Panormos artists, whose ancestors were under Turkish rule, refugees from Kydonies (Ayvali), famous for its Arts and Letters. It is the plain, virgin natural environment that does not impose its beauty but calls for you to discover it and develop yourself enjoying it. It is the stark contrasts of the landscape with its four well distinct seasons and the shifting of colors. It is the strong dynamic element of nature with the wind and the sea to form not only the environment but Man as well. It is the deep need, expressed with the religious feeling of Tinians to approach the unintelligible, the supernatural.

Regardless of the reason, the fact is, that Tinos gave birth to a disproportionately large, relatively to its size, number of major artists who founded modern Greek art. The world-renown authors (Chalepas, Filippotis, Vitalis, Sohos, Gyzis, Lytras) with the masterpieces of sculpture and painting and unmarked marbles, builders, painters, woodcarvers, whose samples of high folk art are visible throughout the island contributed to Art becoming the main characteristic of Tinos.

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