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Tinos travel info and useful phone numbers

Tinos Travel Info

Tinos has not got an airport. The nearest airport is that of the island of Mykonos which is 11 nautical miles (20-40 minutes by boat). The island has a heliport.

You will reach Tinos through the ports of Rafina and Piraeus. Depending on the selectable means of transport the average trip takes 1.5-4 hours and 2.5-5 hours respectively. The port of Tinos is located in Chora. Tinos coast is directly connected by ferry with the islands of Andros, Mykonos, Syros, Paros, Santorini.

We highly recommend the use of a car to discover the scattered beauties. Tinos car and bike rental companies characterized by professionalism and consistency, will provide you with the suitable car for your trips. Alternatively, conventional ships and some speedboats can securely ship your own car. Also, a bus connection (KTEL) is available in some of the central parts of the island. For taxis call phone +30 22830 22470.

Greece International Code: +30
Tinos Phone code: 22830
Tinos is covered by mobile networks of the three mobile operators: COSMOTE, VODAFONE, WIND

The Tinos Health Center located in Chora on the road Mark KrikelIs 18 (map). In there are private surgeries, as well.

The consumption of bottled water is recommended.

The electric current is 220V AC (50Hz). Appliances from North America require a transformer and British a special adapter.

The coastal road of Chora is transformed into esplanade in the evening. The road is closed between 9 and 12 o’ clock at night Traffic these hours is exclusively carried out via the ring road.

New Year’s Day: January 1st
Epiphany: January 6th
Placement (Lanterns looted): January 30th
Ash Monday: 48 days before Easter Sunday
National Day – Annunciation: March 25th
Easter (Good Friday to Easter Monday): Mobile feast
Labor Day: May 1st
Holy Spirit (Pentecost): 50 days after Easter
Assumption: The August 15th
National Day: October 28th
Christmas: December 25th-26th

Useful Phone Numbers

Tinos Police Station 22830 22100
Pyrgos Police Station 22830 31371
Fire Brigade 22830 23129
Coast Guard 22830 22348

Tinos Hospital 22833 60000
Ysternia Health Center 22830 31206
Steni Health Center 22830 41229
Komi Health Center 22830 51210

Bus 22830 22440
Taxi 22830 22470
Road Assistance 22830 22222
Tinos Port Authority 22830 22220, 22348
Pireaus Port Authority 14541, 210 4147800
Rafina Port Authority 22940 22300

Courthouse 22833 61200-1
Tinos Municipality 22833 60100-5
Citizen’s Service Center (Kep) 22833 60300
Tax Authority (ΔΟΥ Tinos) 22830 22206
Social Insurance Organization (Tinos IKA) 22830 24822, 22270
Post Office (ELTA) 22830 22247
Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE Tinos) 22830 22499, 22139
Public Power Corporation ΔΕΗ (General Info) 22830 22204
Public Power Corporation ΔΕΗ (Power Interruption) 22830 22209
Water Supply & Sewerage Company 22830 23513
Harbour Management Organization (Tinos) 22830 23754
Tinos Land Registry 22830 25610
Tinos County Court 22830 22934


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