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Tinos Outdoor Activities

Tinos Outdoor Activities company with many years of experience on the trails of Tinos and in cooperation with hiking clubs in Greece and abroad, consistently and safely provides activities in nature that reveal to you the secret beauties of the island and its unique landscape.

Tinos offers about 400 km of trails that are waiting for you to explore. Plan your next hike:
– Exomvourgo Roundtrip: A circular hike round Exomvourgo hill, visiting three villages of the inland.
– Tarampados/Komi: An easy downhill route with lush greenery, visiting four Catholic villages of the inland.
– Pyrgos/Panormos/Pyrgos: A special hike in the heart of the Marble Villages, where everything is built only of stone and marble. The place which inspired dozens of famous artists, and the birthplace of sculptor Giannoulis Halepas.
– Falatados/Livada Beach: A hike with many landscape changes, that combines lush greenery, lakes, a river, boulders, and of course a beautiful beach.
– Inland Villages Hiking : A circular hike for demanding hikers, visiting nine traditional villages of the inland.


About 7 km from the port, at the inland of the island, the granite hill of Exomvοurgο looms. A beautiful craggy mountain with a long history, dating back to ancient times, where the inhabitants of the island had always found protection from various attacks, due to its shape that creates a natural fortress. There you can see the remains of the ancient Greek city as well as the ruins of the Venetian castle which, at its time, was the most powerful island castle in the entire Aegean Sea. At the scarp side of the hill, the climbing sport field spreads. The field is divided into 9 sectors with a total of 90 routes. The difficulty levels of the routes vary from 5b to 7b+, which means that sport climbing here is ideal for both beginners and experienced climbers. We introduce you to the lesser known and outstanding sport of Climbing, in absolute safety. We share adrenaline-filled moments, experiencing the feeling of excitement and freedom that only top-rope climbing can offer. Reaching the foot of Exomvourgo hill, the panoramic views are already rewarding. This activity can by done by anyone, regardless of their physical condition.


In Tinos there’s a worldwide unique geological phenomenon which makes it an ideal destination for bouldering: huge, round, granite rocks extend in an area of about 18 km2. Several bouldering sectors are spread in that area and there are 500 bouldering problems of varying difficulty. We can provide you with all necessary equipment as well as all the information needed on bouldering sectors.


In the Centre of Tinos below the hill of Exomvourgo we created the longest Via ferrata of the Cyclades. An easy hike with a bit of scrambling at a length of a 1000meters encircles the hill. Steep slopes, gullies and narrow passages offer a unique hiking experience, and the all-around view from above during the trek is magnificent. Read more…


Tinos Outdoor Activities offers the following excursions:
– Exomvourgo Castle: A visit at the ruins of the most powerful Greek island castle, historical report and a hike to the top of the mountain to admire the breathtaking view.
– Dovecotes (Agapi village): A short hike in the dovecotes valley at Agapi village. We get to know these unique architectural monuments and learn their history.
– Treasure Hunt: A different activity that combines the footpaths of Tinos with playing, making hiking enjoyable both for young children and adults… who are still children at heart.
– Moonlight Hiking: A unique hiking experience on the footpaths of Tinos under the moonlight, which really excites the senses.


Discover the following bike tours offered by Tinos Outdoor Activities:
– Central Tinos: A circular route around the main part of the island, which takes us to charming villages and beautiful beaches.
– Kato Meri: A mostly downhill ride which starts in Falatados and ends at the beautiful beach of Kolimbithra passing by an area of fascinating granite rock formations.
– South/East: A circular route on the southeast part of the island with beautiful views, beaches and picturesque villages
– Arnados/Chora: An easy mostly downhill route which starts at one of the highest villages of the island and ends in Town.
– Chora/Kolimbithra: The route which meets two different seas since it starts South from Tinos Town and goes north towards Kolimbithra beach passing by charming villages, dovecotes and the fertile valley of Komi.



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