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Discover Tinos Fishing…

The clear, blue waters of the island and the variety of fish make Tinos Fishing an attraction for those who love fishing.

Depending on the season, you will go fishing for: breams, bream, balls, groupers, scorpion, petropsara, Dory and squid.

By boat (for angling, trolling, longline) you should go to the Strait (Steno) of Tinos – Andros, the Strait of Tinos – Mykonos, or Panormos and the island (Planet) opposite it.

From the mainland (pole or line) you can select the piers of the two ports (old, new) and the lighthouse of Chora, Agios Romanos, the bay of Ysternia and Panousa, in the southern part of the island.

The fishing grounds, in the northern part of the island, are rather inaccessible and the villagers know certain places which they reach after a long walk.

Areas suitable for snorkeling are: Planitis, Livada, Panousa, Ag.Petros, Stavros.

Regardless of the kind of fishing you can first browse on the map of the beaches with their detailed descriptions and then plan your next trip.

If until now, you believed that the boat is necessary for a long line fishing, windy Tinos will make you feel belied. Strong winds give you the opportunity to take lines from the shore using an empty tin, which, being drift by the wind, will help the line to the open sea.

In autumn and winter, squid are invading the island and fishing (from shore or by boat) becomes… a local “sport”.

Useful Phone Numbers: Fishing Association of Tinos (22830-22123, 24280), Tinos Port Authority (22830-22220).


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