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Discover Tinos Boating…

If you are among the lucky ones who own a boat, you can discover a large, unknown to many, part of Tinos and get a different perspective of the island.

At the 38nm required for the circumnavigation of Tinos, you will encounter large or small, famous or unknown beaches, quaint seaside villages, caves and creeks offered for exploration.

The port of Chora is protected from all the winds. It has three piers and wharfs, satisfying depths, and provides the necessary support and the facilities for refueling.

In the northern section, Panormos Bay, the only natural harbor, provides shelter from the northern winds and has a port with two docks.

In the southern part, anchoring facilities for small boats are also, provided at the small harbors of the beaches: Agios Romanos and Ysternia Bay.

Tinos Boating, frequent destinations to which you can anchor are:

In the southern part, Kionia and bays of Kardiani and Ysternia (beware of N/NW winds)
In the southern part: Panormos Bay and Kolymbithra (provides protection in S, W, winds, attention to N winds)
In the eastern part: Santa Margarita (a very small port), Akrotiri (SE, attention to shallow waters and reefs), Agios Ioannis Porto or Skylantari and Ag.Sostis (SW, a sandy bottom and good depth).
Hardly accessible or even inaccessible by car are the beaches of: Aspros Gialos, Vathi, Kousinia, Fournoi (on the S part), Platis Gialos and Mantroklisi (in the N) and many other smaller, anonymous ones which will become your secret beaches.

Whatever your destination, remember that Tinos is known as the “island of Aeolus.”

Generally, in summer, be cautious with the winds and make sure to tie the anchor safely.

Strong southerly winds are common in winter and require vigilance for the tethered boats. Particular attention is needed when crossing the Straits of Andros-Tinos or Tinos-Mykonos.


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