Panagia Tinou (Church Of Virgin Mary)

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The Church of Annunciation (Panagia Evaggelistiria) is one of the most important religious centers of Orthodoxy worldwide and the most frequent pilgrimage destination within Greece. The island of Tinos is inextricably linked to the Church of Virgin Mary (Panagia). Whoever has the experience of visiting it, can understand how deep is the relationship between Tinians and the church and what’s more, how strongly they believe and how deeply they love Panagia.

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Monastery of Virgin Mary (Kechrovouni)

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The monastery of Virgin Mary (or the monastery of Our Lady of Angels) was founded in the 10th or 11th century and is one of the most significant monasteries in Greece.


Monastery of Agia Triada (Gyrla)


The monastery of Agia Triada (Trinity), in Gyrla, is one of the major pilgrimages in Tinos.

Kyra Xenis Monastery (Panormos)


The monastery of Kyra Xeni, now abandoned of nuns, is built on a location with a magnificent view of Panormos.

Katapolianis Monastery (Ysternia)


The monastery of Panagia Katapolianis, now abandoned of nuns, is one of the most important pilgrimages on the island.

Vourniotissas Monastery (Agapi)


The monastery of Panagia Vourniotissas is situated 4km to the North of Agapi village, built next to the chapel of Saint John the Baptist.

Agia Varvara (Smovolo - Chora)


The church of Agia Varvara is quite impressive both for its size and for its architecture. The feast of Agia Varvara (Santa Barbara) actually lasts all the year round.

Ursulines Monastery (Loutra)


In 1704 the first Ursulines nuns arrived in Tinos whilst in 1862 they organized the first monasteryin Loutra village.

Jesuits Monastery (Loutra)

IMG 3933The Jesuits Monastery, the first catholic monastery of the island, was initially founded in 1670, in Exomvourgo.

Monastery of Franciscan Order (Mesi)

Agios Fragkiskos Tinos 01The Order of Frunciscan's monks was founded in the early 13th century by the St. Francis of Asizis. The first monks arrived in Tinos, in 1698 for the first time.


The Convent of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Exomvourgo)

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The Convent of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Exomvourgo of Tinos, considered one of the greatest shrines of the Greek Catholic Church. 


Panagia Vrysiotissa (Agios Romanos)


The Church of Panagia (Virgin Mary) Vrysiotissa is currently the largest pilgrimage of the Catholic Church of Tinos


Tinos has about 1,300 churches and chapels. Orthodox or Catholic, cathedrals or chapels stand out for their simplicity and elegance and reflect the deep need of the locals for personal contact with the Divine.