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Zohodohou Pigis Church

Panagia Tinou, Chora, Tinos
In the Zohodohou Pigis Church, known as Evresi (=Discovery), you can see the exact point where the Sacred Icon was found.

During excavations for Finding the icon, they discovered ruins of an ancient temple and they decided -even before finding the icon- that a church should be built in that location.

The Holy water is flowing from a fountain located in the church, beside the point where the icon was found.

In the church baptismal fonts (two for infants and one for adults), hundreds of baptisms take place, each year.

In the middle area of the Evresi Church, part of the earlier church of St. John the Baptist still exists.

On January 30th, the Finding of the miraculous Icon (the custom of Fanarakia-Lanterns) is celebrated.

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