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Cafe - Bookstore - Gallery Fr. Paximadi & Afentouli, 84200 Chora, Tinos
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On the shelves and near its tables which are laid outdoor, in one of the most popular alleys of Chora in Tinos, somewhere next to a clay tea pot filled with flowers, you can make the strongest “blind date” of this summer, selecting a blind date book that will be revealed to you after you buy it and now you look forward to its wrapping that separates it from you.

Inside the shop, you will practically discover an idyllic bookstore with selected book releases dating from 1890 up now. But do not expect alphabetical or other, established as in classic bookstores, classifications and do not forget that you are on vacation. You already have something precious. Time! Search taking your time, discover, browse, share and finally enjoy and live with the book making it a real companion of your vacation so that when you reopen it, you will be pleased to see sand, dried summer flowers and …love letters falling off its pages.

Also, after exploring the handmade jewels, design objects and souvenirs, mostly made by local artists, do not forget to climb the ladder because in the attic you are most likely to bump into an event, workshop, seminar or book presentation. lf not, you can just take a seat on the balcony-observatory on the first floor and from a height, watch life and what is going on in the narrow street down there!

And of course, you will know that in the morning you will find yourself here for a nice cup of coffee and breakfast with Greek handmade products and the famous cereal tart, fresh sweets and smoothies and in the evening with signature cocktails such as Gingergin, Aireroz and the King.
And all this with … eco friendly logic! The owners support Try to Skip the Straw, while you can obtain the design fabric bag, “trademark” of Antilalos!

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