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Tavern - Restaurant Tinos, Greece
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APODRASI TINOS. From 1996 until today, those looking for an opportunity to “escape” (=Apodrasi in Greek) to Steni know very well what they will find. Authentic flavors of the island such as old, village dishes, grandmother’s recipes that embrace tradition and are kept unpretentiously alive! They will find Kostas (reference point of the family business) and now also his son Antonis who will welcome them and remind them of the dishes from which it will be difficult to choose. Authentic stews (must the goat bone), the famous furtalia omelet as it should be, syglino, classic string beans or “Livia pasta” as it called braised with tomato sauce or garlic and of course the meats for which the Escape fanatics flock. Stable steak, delicious ribs, properly cooked liver but also kokoretsi and kontosouvli straight from the spits, all of their own production that you combine with wine (and by the glass) from local producers and Cycladic wineries. In the end… you give them a prize. The same was also done by: Athens Guide, Guru Restaurant and FNL Guide Gastronomy! The relationship between quality, portion and price is fortunately for you disproportionate since you rarely won’t take the established “package” with you when leaving.

Next to the tavern is the renovated café-bar of Apodrasis, offering (09:00-12:00) breakfast (and a Tinian one in fact) and during the day coffee and handmade sweets as well as crepes and waffles. Cocktails in the afternoon and a relaxing drink in the evening, while evenings with live music accompanied by a Greek-rock program are also organized on a weekly basis.

The Escape remains dialy open from Easter to October and in between on Friday-Saturday-Sunday. The family business also includes rooms for rent open all year round for those who want to use them as a base for “getaways” inland or to the beautiful nearby beaches.


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