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Traditional Restaurant - Tavern Dyo Choria, 842 00 Tinos, Greece
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The traditional Dyo Choria restaurant: “Being a calm, charming and attractive place, the village of Dyo Choria is situated at the foot of mount Kechrovouni. A place implicitly loud, purified by the clear waters of the five sources springing in the area. Alleys with countless stairs and arches give shape to the physical and social fabric of the village that counts 900 years of uninterrupted presence”.

The homonymous traditional tavern Dyo Choria is located at the entrance of the traditional village. A place of meeting, intercourse and communication for the few residents but also for all those who want to enjoy traditional dishes made from fresh products of Tinian land and at the same time, offering breathtaking views and a unique experience of the Greek archipelago.

Dyo Choria tavern is open all year round. Take your sitting at the tables under the plane tree, near the marble fountain or at the balcony below which the Aegean Sea is lying and enjoy dishes with emphasis on seasonality, quality of local ingredients and authenticity. Homemade stews (rooster with handmade noodles, beef cheeks with smoked aubergine puree, goat with artichoke), juicy roasts with local meats, appetizers with local products, combined with vegetables from the owner’s garden and accompanied by local wines from small local producers.  They are accompanied with local wines and small producers wines. Taste, friendly mood and lively tradition, as befits the place…

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