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Elli Mausoleum (P.I.I.E.T.)

Tinos, Greece
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The w is a small place with great historical significance, in the building complex of the Church of the Annunciation (Evagelistrias).

It awakens memories of the August 15, 1940, when docked in the port of Tinos, the warship “Elli”, participating in the celebration of the Assumption, was sunk by an Italian submarine.

In Elli’s Mausoleum there is an ossuary of the victims of the torpedoing, who were the first victims of the Second World War in Greece.

It is also where part of the torpedo, which struck the ship, is stored along with objects recovered during the salvage of the vessel (1955), or washed up at the port of Tinos.

Next to the Monument of Elli (near the lighthouse of the old port), one of the canons of the ship is kept. It has been restored and is used as a cannon again, during major holidays.



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