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Tinos Audio Visual FIORANTIS GROUP: based in Tinos and 20 years of experience provides complete solutions of high standards for the sound, music, lighting coverage of your event, DJ and traditional band.

Regardless of whether it is a social or professional event, a speech or a concert, simple or complex sound demands, the effectiveness of sound coverage and the sound quality determine to a great extent its success. To ensure the sound effect:
– We are studying the space, conducting audio expertise, arranging for the balancing of spatial imperfections and ensuring a clean, pleasant sound, with proper dispersion in space.
– Provide and install the appropriate sound equipment (speakers, heavy duty speakers, monitors, subwoofers, analog and digital consoles, racks, amplifiers, effect processors, equalizers, crossovers, backline, microphones, instrument amplifiers, DJ sets, .
– We use specialized software, state-of-the-art equipment and we work with experienced sound engineers and DJs.
-We take advantage of the many years of experience in concerts (traditional, classical music, classical, jazz).

The quality and well-studied lighting is the key to the success of the event, reflecting its particular style and at the same time highlighting the decorative and architectural elements. Knowing the importance of lighting to create the desired atmosphere, we fully address the study and implementation of your event lighting, always in line with the concept of the evening and your own needs. Consistently and professionally:
– We design from the very beginning a personalized lighting plan adapted to the space and nature of the event
– Provide technical infrastructure data (Par and Led lights, Light-emitting diodes, Special effects, Lighting peripherals and bases, etc.)
– We do the lighting installation
– We provide specialized personnel (technicians, lighting)
– We guarantee the proper functioning of the lighting equipment during the event

Fiorantis Group provides state-of-the-art applications that combine image and sound, narration or music, offering unlimited possibilities for creative exploitation, for informational, educational and entertainment purposes. At the same time we take care of the comfort of the guests as well as of the auxiliary constructions and the means that will facilitate the smooth running of the event by providing:
– Projection screens
– Projectors
– Polymorphic platforms
– Power generators
– Specialists- technicians

Our band can appear live at your event and with its traditional – folk program raise the mood, promising a unique evening or to accompany the bride to the church according to the traditional custom of the island.

Tinos Audio Visual FIORANTIS GROUP

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