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Rooms Stavrou - Kionion Av. 0 (Pallada), Chora, 84200 Tinos
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Fratelli Rooms are located in one of the most central parts of Chora, next to the Catholic Church of San Antonio and only a few meters away from the port and the central bus station. It is a family business where the brothers (fratelli in Italian) envisioned reviving the building that 80 years ago housed a catholic monastery and converting the cells into fully equipped rooms (bearing the owners’ family names), by preserving the traditional island style and adding modern elements. With passion and a lot of work, they completely renovated the space and now the only element that reminds of the old use of the building is the triptych partition, the only object saved, carrying photos of the past.

Most rooms have unobstructed sea views and each room is fully equipped with Wi-Fi, TV, air-condition, refrigerator, kettle, coffee maker and everything else you need to prepare your breakfast.

Tips: The beautiful inner courtyard right opposite of the picturesque alleys of Parageria (an area that still maintains the traditional character of a local neighborhood) is an ideal setting for a quiet breakfast (although in the city center), for those who want to live for a bit like locals. The alley where Fratelli’s main entrance is located, is one of the most photographed places of Chora during the night.


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