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Traditional Cafe Volax, Tinos
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YES! You must have heard about the village of Tinos with its huge round rocks and the corresponding impressive geological phenomenon. YES! Definitely during your stay in Tinos you will pass by Volax. Yes! During your walk there, you will stop for coffee or raki in the traditional cafe that you will meet on the way to the rocks. COFFEE?-YES! (*this is what ΚΑΦΕ-ΝΑΙ means in Greek).

There, Anna and Argiris revived the old, beautiful grandmother’s house that was renovated while preserving all the traditional decorative elements of the Tinian cafe. Stone walls, arches, old furniture, marble tables and the classic wooden chairs. In accordance with the overall concept, everything is handmade. So depending on your mood, you will find in the menu the rich Tinian variety, salads, omelets, toasted bread with butter, honey, jam, “tahini” sesame paste) or snacks to share (zucchini meatballs, meatballs, patties and dishes with local products) to accompany raki, ouzo or wine, as well as delicious sweets traditional (Ekmek, spoon sweets, vanilla “submarine”) or modern (mom’s cheesecake, applepie, chocolate or lemon mousse), homemade liqueurs and drinks or cocktails.

While you are waiting for the order, you can hang around and buy the handmade items (jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, bags, towels, mats, placemats, dressed jars), most of them in “crochet” style made from the grandmother’s hands. If you are still looking for relaxation and privacy, look for the two tables on the upper balcony after reading the verses of the song painted on the in between door.


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