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Karya, Tinos, Greece
Karya village, Tinos: “Once there were five villages…” 

Karya is one of the oldest villages of the island. In a ravine south of the village, an archaeological discovery was found (section of a grave column, dating back to the 5th BC century), which is an indication for the existence of life in the region since then.

The origin of the name is unknown. It is thought to originate from Karya (= walnuts) that were in abundance.

Two cathedrals of the village are of particular interest:Ag Elephtherios(17th cent) and Agios Dimitrios (18th cent.), and also the churches of the Assumption (Leventados Cathedral) and St. Lucia in Philipados.

A girls’ school was founded in 1863 which was maintained until 1887. Visit the village’s Historical and Folklore Museum at the site of the old school. Enjoy a walk in the grove of the village, the largest on the island, with the Church of the Assumption dominating in the middle.

Located 8 km away from Chora (Tinos). Follow the old road network and at the first junction turn left towards Mountados and Karya. Alternatively, following Tripotamou Av., turn right at the junction after Tripotamos.

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