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Koumelas, Tinos, Greece
Koumelas beach, Tinos: ” When the sea meets the cliffs… ” 

LOCATION: Koumelas is located in the NW part of the island, it is about 29km from Chora.
ACCESS: After Pyrgos village, head to Marlas, pass through the village and go uphill on the left, following the sign. The last 4.5km (it is a dirt road) require cautious driving but not a Jeep(4×4) necessarily.
MORPHOLOGY: Pebbles, rocks, deep water
ORGANIZED: No, natural shade from trees
WEATHER: Relatively calm.

On the way to Koumelas, the view of Andros is unique, since it is located near the Strait between the two islands.
On your way, you also meet the impressive landscape of the quarries worth getting to Strait (Steno) of Tinos-Andros, if you have a Jeep (4×4).



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