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Tavern Tinos, Greece
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KOUTOUKI ELENIS: A tavern (=koutouki) full of memories, dating back to 1812 and also filled with scents and taste, it became an inspiration station for travelers and authors, waiting for the boat to the next island. Its walls still reflect figures of the past of the old people wearing their “tragiaska” hats and holding their baskets with their supplies.

Since 1995 and up today, Helen has been standing at the door, among peppers and spices, ladles and pans hanging from the ceiling. Always good-tempered and polite, Helen is ready to welcome, serve and help you with the menu: nice traditional “dolmades”, rabbit stew, “pitsounia” baby pigeons with rice and lamb with thyme.

Beautiful, smiling waitresses coming to and fro in the alley, in front of the restaurant, are always willing to serve, holding dishes with tasty traditional delicacies of Tinos, such as “marathotiganites” fried, sun-dried tomatoes, “arnadkies” (wild mushrooms), “louza”, sausage, stuffed eggplant, “agkinaropita” artichoke pie and gorgeous cheese with garlic.

If you happen to be in the tavern when a fishing boat approaches the port, fresh shrimps or maybe little red mullet will come straight to your plate accompanying the fish soup, our delicious specialty! “Helen’s koutouki” works all year round, all day long and Helen will be getting you some nice surprise!

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