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Cafe Pantanassis square (coast), 84200 Chora, Tinos
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In one of the most central locations, at the old port of Chora, the Loocoomades are the fresh version of the traditional sweet of the island.

On the menu, beyond the classic donuts with honey and cinnamon, there is a wide variety of original toppings. Hazelnut praline, white chocolate, dark chocolate, sweets and ice-creams are the ingredients that you will combine for your own version of recipe.

And if so far, you only consider donuts to be sweets, just try their savory combinations with ham, cheese and bacon, a slice of tomato and oregano or with seafood and “Tinian” louza (tinian bacon), sundried tomato and kopanisti (local cheese).

Accompany the donuts with coffee on the coals, raki or ouzo. Bon appétit!

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