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Holiday Tavern Agapi, 84200 Tinos
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MAJORANA TINOS. Majorana is a perennial plant, belongs to the marigold family, a relative of oregano, and stands out for its unique aroma. The most special Majorana, however, was recently developed in the village of Agapi in Tinos. Its scientific name Origanum majorana reveals the Latin nature of the beautiful Catholic village while at the same time it coincides with the surname (Ettore Majorana) of the Italian physicist who discovered the theory of waves which finds its funniest application on the neighboring beach of Kolympithra, a favorite of the island’s surfers. What helped Majorana to thrive in Tinos?

The Cultivator. Anestis Zamanopoulos, lecturer at the Agricultural University of Athens, food technologist and distiller was in the right place at the right time. With a route that passed through 40 countries, working in Athens (at the university, at 7 Jokers, at the Blame The Sun brewery, at the distilleries for tsipouro, ouzo and for the first Greek (!) brand of whiskey) but also after 13 years of relationship with Tinos, he gathered the essence of his experience to offer it to his own Majorana!
The area. You find Agapi by following the road to the right after passing Komi. Arriving, you meet the picturesque, sheltered village, with greenery and plenty of water (rare in Tinos). The history of the settlement and its revolutionary temperament (it pioneered the revolution) favor the Love Revolution of Majorana. The place where it grew is shady and cool, under vines, with traditional stone buildings around it to protect it. He grows up there, next to the central square with the playground, together with the children. With the little ones as well as the big ones who stayed children forever and enjoy their holidays, just like in the past taverns of the 80s when they were children too…
The Underground. Majorana loves the Earth and the uniqueness of every corner of it. It embraces the philosophy of Slow Food and proves it in practice. 85-90% of the raw materials come from small local production. For this purpose, a micro-community of partners was created that adhere to the agreement for prepaid production, creating a micro-economy scheme that guarantees the quality and locality of the raw material as well as the viability of small producers.
The roots. And if the excellent Cycladic raw material is the first step, Anestis puts a corresponding weight on its proper management and processing according to the know-how that is firmly connected to its roots. Here his science intermingles with the techniques from his place (Northern Greece) with recipes from Samothrace, Thrace and Macedonia but also with Asia Minor origins
Climate, Majorana grows up in the familiar environment they created for it, in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, with authenticity and its own distinct identity. And because music is proven to favor healthy development, World music, Africa Funk, Reggae, Soul, Blues are heard all the time, often Live. With them it grew and became a proper “holiday” tavern!
Love. Most importantly for the end. Eat Locally, Love Globally! By trying the veal cheeks, the lamb in greaseproof paper, the stuffed tomatoes and “dolmades” of Mama Polina or whatever else you choose, you will love it! Innovation based on tradition and childhood experiences. Chef and mom share the same counter and their love. The same is done by all those who help – Majorana’s personalities – for the common cause: Food with Love in Agapi (=Love)!!!


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