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Traditional Tavern Kalloni. main road, 84200 Tinos
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TAVERN MATHIOS TINOS KALLONI. Mathios, as a small child grew up in his family’s fields, in the plain of Kolympithra. He loved nature, the land but also the hard agricultural work that he is font of. He is primarily a farmer, one of the few young farmers left on the island. The dawn finds him in the fields dealing with their necessary daily care which lasts almost five hours. Digging, sowing, pruning, watering, picking… whatever it takes. But effort is usually rewarded. At 12:00, with his car full of goods, he arrives at the store located on the main street of Kalloni. Fresh vegetables, horticulture, fruit, without additives, grown with methods taught by his father and grandfather, are unloaded and literally pass from production to consumption.

Mathios opened the homonymous traditional tavern in 2001, aiming at the high quality of the local products to be accompanied by the corresponding quality in their preparation until they land on your plate. Mathios’s mother contributed a lot as an experienced cook, bringing her passion and the traditional Tinian recipes to the kitchen. Many years have passed since then but the philosophy has remained the same: pure, fresh ingredients, simplicity, authenticity, taste! Juicy tomatoes and cucumbers are combined with kopanisti and carob rusks for an alternative “Choriatiki” salad. Green local beans, coming straight from the field, accompanying salads, while cabbages and zucchinis are used for wonderful stews. The lamb and goat, also produced by Mathios, and the veal from local producers make the difference in the “Lemonato (in lemon sauce)”, as well as in the braised and grilled dishes. A special mention to the traditional “Frutalia” which is just as it should be: puff pastry with plenty of country eggs and delicious potatoes, with the sausage separately, as well as the “Saganaki meatballs” but also the dish “Gia ti Glossofagaya” – braised beef or pork tongue, a traditional dish of the “Kato Meri (=lower parts)” of Tinos that you should not miss.

Mathios tavern is open all year round, so if you find yourself in Kalloni during winter and you’re lucky, you’ll have time to clink with his own wine, while the music instruments will be playing for friends…


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