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Monastery Museum of Kechrovouni

Kechrovouni, Tinos, Greece
Open: everyday, 07:00-13:30 & 14:15-19:15

The monastery’s ecclesiastical collection is gathered in the Monastery Museum of Kechrovouni.

The exhibition includes old crosses and icons (mainly 18th and 19th century), with the oldest one the Lamentation (17th cent.), and also, icons painted by F.Kontoglou.

The collection also includes religious items like utensils (candles, candlesticks, chalices, etc.), vestments, holy books, and various objects (lamps, grinders, pots, cutlery, etc.), metal and embroidery.

Of particular interest is the silver-plated icon of Virgin Mary of the flagship of Kanaris, kept at the Abbey.
You can also buy handicrafts made by the nuns for the financial support of the monastery.



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