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Bistro Afentouli 2, 84200 Chora, Tinos
Call us anytime +30 2283 300605

In the most picturesque alley of the historic center of the city of Tinos, at the place where our family carpenter shop used to be, we created the Myrtilo Bistro. The new proposal that was missing from the city of Tinos! An authentic bistro on the pedestrian Afentouli and Vitali st, which everyone will find inviting for their outing.

Decorated entirely by the owners’ own family with elegant aesthetics that combines the old with the new, the traditional with the modern. The warm friendly and intimate space combined with the natural light diffused by the large windows create the right atmosphere for tranquility and relaxation.

Here, the heart of the city strikes loudly overnight, amidst coffee aromas, colorful cocktails, delicious, quality dishes and accompanying flavors. Myrtilo’s tastes focus on the Tinian cuisine, without missing the Mediterranean touches. The bistro chef shows a special preference for Greek fresh ingredients and creates finger foods, pasta, fresh salads and delicious homemade sweets. Nostalgic melodies with foreign and Greek art music make your evening special!

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