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Eleftherias square, 84200 Chora, Tinos
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Nick, the owner of the Pet Shop & Hotel, was born and raised in a family having deep love for animals. Since when he was a little boy he has learned to respect and take care of pets while his childhood memories have to do mostly with him playing games with his four-legged friends and spending endless hours in his father’s kennel helping him in everyday tasks. It was clear that his hobby would one day become a profession. And he did it!

The Pet Hotel is a hotel different from others. The hotel accommodates your furry friends by fulfilling all safety standards, health and comfort. If for any reason your pet may have to stay for a little away from his family, Nick will take care of him not to miss anything. Pets stay in independent rooms of 4 sq.m., in a building with a bed and private courtyard, without coming into contact with each other. They are fed with high quality foods tailored to their needs and stored securely. Nikos goal is “to make the pet feel better than at home and return home safe and happy.” Because just like us, our four-legged friends need a holiday!

At the Pet Shop, situated in Eleftherias Square in Chora, you will find whatever you need for your pet. Specialized food and accessories for pets. There, Nikos himself undertakes grooming (grooming, haircut, etc.) of your friend and his training (basic training, correcting defects).

Open all year, 09:00-15:00 and 18:00-21:00.

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