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PROINO TINOS: Breakfast delivery service by EXO catering

Tinos is regarded as a culinary destination known around Greece and across the world for its quality and fresh products. Despite the dry climate most of the year, our island is blessed with fertile land and provides quality ingredients (milk, cheese, wine, deli meats and cold cuts, honey, fruit and vegetables). What makes Tinos island so precious is that there are more than fifty villages, traditionally divided in five regions (EXO MERI, MESA MERI, PANO MERI, KATO MERI and CHORA). Each region is unique and ready to offer its local products and secret recipes of past centuries.

PROINÓ: You may call it breakfast, petit déjeuner, desayuno or frühstück. In Greece we call it PROINÓ – the most important meal of the day. Exo catering is pleased to offer you the best Tinian treasures straight from local markets and producers, based on traditional recipes.

A selection of 5+1 menu options to choose from, which will offer you a culinary tour of our island:
“PANO MERI menu” Upper Lands (Village menu)
“KATO MERI menu” Lower Lands (Balance menu)
“EXO MERI menu” Outer Lands (Energy menu)
“MESA MERI menu” Inner Lands (Traditional menu)
“CHORA menu“ Town (Vegetarian menu)
“KIDS’ menu”

Find detailed information on daily menus and fresh local ingredients, nutritional information, and how to order breakfast at:


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