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Restaurant Falatados, 84200 Tinos
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PSOMI KAI ALATI TINOS, FALATADOS. When Maria, coming from Trikala, settled down to Falatados, the island village untouched by time, she quickly realized that she had discovered her “favorite” homeland. The place where she decided she would stay forever. Soon she packed her luggage and along with them, her experience in the kitchen and her passion for cooking and settled permanently in this picturesque village of Tinos. There, she found a warm hug and people to share her stories with, unforgettable moments around a common table, “bread and salt” (=”Psomi Kai Alati”) as a Greek proverb says.

Thus how the restaurant ”Psomi Kai Alati“ was born offering among others: a warm family atmosphere and dishes prepared with love. Maria welcomes you with a smile and takes up her post in the kitchen to offer many “wows” and smiles of pleasure. As you relax in the country yard overlooking the Tinian countryside, Maria uses pure local product with a different approach by adding the vegetables or fruit jams she herself prepares or vegetables from the surrounding gardens and she challenges her imagination to create alternative Greek dishes. The “Straw” salad, the savory cheesecake, the stuffed mushroom, the mastic chicken, the pork with artichokes and the fillet are only some of the representative samples.

The restaurant is open all year round, noon and night. If you are in Falatados in winter and listen to music, just follow. There must be a fest going on at Psomi Kai Alati restaurant. Come Along!


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