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Beauty, Health & Wellness Center Ι. Voulgari, 84200 Chora, Tinos
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YUPIYANNA Beauty, Health & Wellness Center in Tinos is a complete, modern health and beauty center. The new specially designed space has a fitness center, a wellness center, a beauty-makeup department and a diet department waiting for you to meet your new self!

Visit our fully-equipped space, consult our certified trainers and choose the fitness style that suits you:
– Personal or Group Training
– Free Weights, Hanging Straps
– Fitball, Gymstick
– Stretch Body, Core Xpress
– Yoga, Zumba, martial arts
– Body Shape Workout

Let yourself be in the hands of our experienced staff, take care of your appearance, relax and rejuvenate by choosing between:
– Makeup / Bridal Makeup
– Manicure Pedicure
– Face / Face Care
– Sauna
– Massage
– Solarium

In the dietetics section, the necessary measurements (body fat, body weight, body fluids, body muscle mass) are performed and appropriate nutritional programs or specialized nutrition are provided for: pregnancy, diabetes mellitus, lipidemia, intestinal tract disorders, child obesity. At the same time, the innovative painless Cryolipolysis method is provided for immediate results in local thickness.

Regardless of the occasion (baptism, wedding, party), our experienced, energetic staff takes care of the care and care of our little friends. A number of activities guarantee creative employment:
– Face Painting in harmless colors
– Yoga for children
– Constructions with balloons
– Dance
– Fun and creative games
In our place are offered additional children’s programs of classical ballet, music and dancing, instrumental gymnastics, martial arts and Zumba for children.

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