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Virgin Mary’s home. Where god Aeolus lives. Where faith prevails. Where art flourishes. Where miracles happen. The island of pristine beaches. The island, whose villages travel you through time. The handmade island. The hidden secret of the Cyclades. By putting all these parts of truth together, an answer could be given to the question why someone should choose Tinos.
The truth, however, should be sought in the smile inside you, while the ship approaches the harbor and the hatch opens to reveal an image generating different connotations and reminding everyone of their own secrets. Once in love, you cannot explain why. An unspecified mystical power, an unexplained attraction keeps you tightly held to the object of your love, whether it is a person or a place. In this case, it is Tinos.
Coming from the field of marketing and advertising, I could follow communicative strategies and choose promotional tools or placement in order to promote Tinos. But intervening, I would have lost the core of its substance, its main feature, which is authenticity. Tinosecret is not intended to trap Tinos to a specific communication model but, to help the visitor to discover his own secret Tinos. Having this concept in mind, many questions were born. Does keeping secrets protect what you think is precious or is it the other way round? What counts more, what is valuable, is sharing them with others. The answer was finally given through the rows of a novel in which the hero, a small Indian boy, called Little Tree, remembers: “grandmother used to say that when you find something worthy, the first thing to do is to share it with others. So Good is spread and you do not know where it can reach. And this is right”.
It would be a great pleasure if every Tinian, by birth or by conviction, shared some of his secrets with us so that could become an integrated platform, through which every visitor will search their own secrets – the reasons for which Tinos will be their favorite destination, only to discover in the end of the route that it has already been their favorite one!

Tinos lies ahead for the secret journey within ourselves!
Kostis Athinaios

P.S The website is devoted to someone who really loved Tinos.


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