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Arnados,Tinos, Greece
Arnados village, Tinos: “At the highest level…”

Arnados is built on the slope of Kechrovouni on a higher elevation than the other villages, which offers a spectacular view of the southern Cyclades. It is a very picturesque village, characterized by its medieval arches and cobblestone streets.

It is necessary to stop at the big square, with the church of the Ascension of Christ, built in 1908.

Worthseeing also are the two old wells and the fountain, in the upper square.

“Panaidaki” (you will find it next to Ballis winery) is a small private chapel where, according to tradition, there was a secret school during the Greek Revolution (1821).

The village houses a Folklore Museum and a Museum of religious relics.

Near the village you’ll meet the monastery of Agios Nikolaos (Vanis), a particular building.

In Arnados there was a school in 1829 engaging in the peer tutoring method (older students helped the teacher in guiding the smaller) and was maintained until the mid 40’s.

Situated 15 km off Chora (Tinos). Follow the old main road network (starting from Zannaki Alavanou Av.) and when in Berdemiaros, turn left and go straight on to Arnados.


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