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Cultural Foundation of Tinos (I.TI.P.)

Chora coast, Tinos, Greece
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The Cultural Foundation of Tinos (I.TI.P.)

“Polymereio”, the beautiful, renovated neoclassical building of 1925, houses the Cultural Foundation of Tinos.
The Cultural Foundation of Tinos was founded in 2002 by the Panhellenic Holy Foundation Evangelistria, by which it is financially supported. The purpose of this institute (I.TI.P) is the research, study and promotion of the history, art, culture and tradition of Tinos.
In I.T.I.P’s exhibition and conference spaces many permanent and temporary exhibitions, conferences, seminars and cultural events take place, all the year round.
Giannoulis Halepas in the Cultural Foundation of Tinos

The first floor of the building houses a permanent exhibition of works by a leading sculptor, Giannoulis Halepas. The homonymous room contains 22 sculptures, 15 plaster models, 3 and 4 bronze clay works and drawings, photographs and closely numbered copies of the works by Chalepas.
Most of the works in the exhibition date from the second artistic period of the artist (1918-1930) while his first years of creation (1875-1878) and the last years of his life in Athens (1930-1938) with the works ” Affection “and” Annunciation “respectively, are also, presented.



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