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Falatados, Tinos, Greece
Falatados village, Tinos: “Loving and famous for its Raki”

Falatados is the second largest (after Pyrgos) village of Tinos.

From relevant historical references, it seems that the village had existed since 1400 AD.

Its name coming from a proper name (family Valata) or from the word falaka (= fort, watchtower).

In the picturesque village square, you’ll meet the imposing cathedral of St. John / Holy Trinity (1901) with 18m dome and icons of the 17th century.

Basic occupations of the residents in Falatados were tanning as well as the production and processing of silk. The now derelict buildings of crafts, are situated east of the village, in the region “Gnafaria”.

Falatados is renowned for its raki. In the village, there are many presses and distilleries, while in September, the Rakizio is a great local festival. Known for their good quality are its wines.

The old primary school houses the House of Sketches.

Falatados has a Folklore Museum.

The surrounding areas “Psalidi” and “Kakia Skala” stand for the wild natural beauty and are ideal for exploring.

Situated 11 km off Chora (Tinos). Follow the old road network. When reaching Berdemiaros, turn left, go on to Mesi and then turn left towards the village.

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