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Gastria (Front) Dialyskari

Gastria (Ebros Dialiskari), Tinos, Greece
Gastria (Ebros Dialiskari) beach, Tinos: “Gastriotissa chapel on the shore”

LOCATION: Gastria beach is located near Kionia, it is 4.2km (the last 1km walk) from the town.
ACCESS: Approach it on foot or by boat. Get to the beach of Platia Ammos and after crossing it, follow the path that leads to the beach.
MORPHOLOGY: Sand, rocks, normal depth
CROWD INFO: Isolated
WEATHER: Exposed to N winds

The major part of the area is known as Gastria.
The picturesque chapel of Panagia Gastriotisas is built on the cliffs.
If you keep on climbing, the mountain you will come to the chapel of Agios Stefanos, overlooking the Aegean Sea and Syros island.
Continuing towards the sea, you will find the entrance of a cave hidden among

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