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Kionia, Tinos, Greece
Kionia beach, Tinos: ” Merge into History…”

LOCATION: Kionia beach is situated close to Chora, it lies approximately 3km west.
ACCESS: Approach it by car, bus or on foot. From the new port, follow the coastal road in the opposite direction in relation to Chora, which leads you to the beach.
MORPHOLOGY: Sandy mostly, small pebbles in some places
ORGANIZED: Organized only in some parts of the beach
WEATHER: Exposed to strong winds, with some sheltered spots, though.

One of the largest beaches.
In Kionia, there is the ancient Temple of Poseidon and Amphitriti.
The part of the beach, in front of the site, is called Tsambia and -near the cliffs- it is sheltered and protected from the wind.
The three small coves at the end of the beach after the rocks are also lee and inviting.

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