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Kato Kleisma, Tinos, Greece
Kato Kleisma village, Tinos: “Unexpected lush…”

Kato Kleisma is a rural village at one end of the fertile meadows of Komi. The name must be from the Italian word “Chiuso” (=Closed, fenced) or from the archaic verb “clino” (=bend) describing its structure.

The area is green and there is abundant water, a rarity for Tinos.

Findings of the Cycladic period were traced and residues of a Christian chapel was found where the church of St. Anastasia was erected.

In the village there were two mills that have been abandoned and only their ruins are left.

The village was originally built in a different location, further south and near where the village entrance is, today.

Located 15 km away from Chora (Tinos). Starting from Kionion coastal road, go straight on till you meet the junction at Ag. Marina and take the road on the right towards Kato Kleisma (just after Kalloni).

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