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All Day Bar Isternia square, 84200 Isternia, Tinos
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8 May 1816… A plaque found between lintels, hidden in the traditional Cycladic home that houses Mayou (=May), was the reason for its name. The brothers Dimitris and Leonidas being there by chance were fascinated, inspired by space and envisioned to transform and revive it 200 years later!

That’s how Mayou was born. A wonderful all day bar perched on picturesque Ysternia with magnificent Aegean views, promises to travel you to another era! Enjoy your morning coffee at the village square under the plane tree or the evening cocktails in the moonlight. Mayou offers the ideal scenery for relaxation and tranquility! It’s famous for its rich breakfast, mom’s lemonade, chocolate pie in the jar, cold dishes made from traditional local products, and the creative suggestions of the cocktail list.

The interior space is also gorgeous developed on two levels. The minimal aesthetic approach of the owners respected and highlighted the Tinian architectural elements and preserved the intimate atmosphere matching their philosophy.

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