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Museum of Sacred Relics of the Catholic Archdiocese

Tinos, Xinara, Greece
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Museum of sacred relics

The building (the “Bishop’s Palace”), which surrounds the Church of Our Lady of Rosary and houses the museum, was built in the mid 19th century and took its final form in the late.

In the museum, there are religious relics, coming from the Cyclades islands and especially from the 23 Catholic parishes of Tinos.
The museum is divided into four areas. The first one includes a sample of the file of the Diocese, the second, religious objects, the third, contains folklore references and the fourth is dedicated to marble sculpture.
The collection of exhibits includes: icons, crosses and chalices of silver or gold censers and candlesticks of silver or bronze, hand-embroidered vestments, as well as marble coats, utensils, lintels, etc.
File of the Catholic Diocese of Tinos

It is the oldest and most complete record of the island.
The reports of the archive material start from 1390 and go up in 1850.
There are three main areas. The Episcopal file (documents and correspondence between church and state, diocese and Rome or other dioceses, etc.), parish file (data of Catholic parishes and villages, civil status, cost, etc.) and file of the ecclesiastical courts (legal documents, codes, files from Venetian and Turkish occupation, etc.).

The evidence scripts of the file mainly refer to religious subjects whose study, however, may lead to valuable conclusions about the villages and island life of past centuries. The file is open to the public.



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