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Kardiani (Giannakis)

Ormos Kardianis, Tinos, Greece
Ormos Kardianis, Tinos:” A wonderful beach in the Giannakis’ bay “

LOCATION: Ormos Kardianis – Giannaki is located in the SW part of the island, it is about 17km from Chora.
ACCESS: Just before Kardiani (village), turn left towards the bay Kardiani-Giannakis. After about 4 km (without turning anywhere) you arrive at the beach.
MORPHOLOGY: Sand, pebbles, rocks, normal depth
ORGANIZED: No, just a few umbrellas and shade from trees
CROWD INFO: Relatively quiet
WEATHER: Relatively calm

If you are wondering about the name “Giannakis,” it refers to a major landowner living in the area (19th cent.)
The chapel on the beach is that of St. John the Baptist
On the beach, there is a chute for small boats
The island across the sea is Syros

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