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Modern Tavern Ktikados, Tinos
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RAKIZIO TINOS. The tradition of Tinos wants rakizio and the production of the characteristic drink of the island to be an occasion for getting together and feast, accompanying the raki with appetizers and music. This is exactly the atmosphere that Nikiforos and Lazaros wanted to give to the place they created in the picturesque village of Ktikados. A modern tavern that draws inspiration from the tradition of the place, the simplicity and authenticity of life and food in the village!

The architect Yannis Machiras, with a fresh perspective, adopted traditional elements of the island’s architecture and set up the space with a careful balance between the past and the present. The baton was then taken by chef Gogo Delogianni, who used local products from Tinos (kariki, petroma, pork loin, capers, etc.) as a basis for her creative menu.

At Rakizio you start early (09:30) for a Greek-Tinian breakfast, choosing a traditional “kayana” with Tinos mizithra or egg fritters with feta cheese, minced sausage and a fried egg that you will combine with freshly roasted coffee. The main kitchen is waiting for you (13:00-00:00) to decide whether your day will be dedicated to seafood (octopus bruschetta with pepper paste and arugula, “juvetsi” shrimps, steamed mussels) or to delicious meats (the popular meatballs, pork chops or handmade semi-paste pancetta with spinach) and to accompany them with the corresponding spirits where of course raki and tsipouro are the protagonists. Don’t forget to ask about the pleasant surprise – dish of the day.

Every Thursday in Rakizio, a fest is set up with live music, island sounds and dancing!


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