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Private Cooking Kato Kleisma, Tinos

Alexandros Androvik after studying cooking and working for years in restaurants in Athens and Tinos, he returned to his place of origin to combine his three loves: Tinos, cooking and nature. According to his eco friendly approach “we protect nature so that nature will protect us” and his belief “we are what we eat”, he introduces Tinos to the visitor, through the local gastronomy which he literally brings to the visitor’s dish! The “Tinos Farm To Table” project provides personal cooking services using pure local ingredients and utilizing special local products to bring you Tinos flavors…

Private Cooking: Cooking in a place of your choice, in homes or villas, in your own kitchen. Choose one of the suggested menus or personalize yours in collaboration with Alexandros. Tables of up to 15 people are supported and service can be arranged upon request. Suggest the interior or exterior place of your choice and enjoy your meal or dinner anywhere in Tinos.
(Cost: from 45€/person + taxes)
Cooking Experience: A unique gastronomic-agrotourism experience that will bring you into direct contact with the local cuisine, nature and tradition. With the guidance of Alexandros you will tour the picturesque village and collect the necessary materials. Vegetables and herbs are collected from the gardens, fresh eggs from the coop and everything else recipes require. In the cooking class that follows, you will prepare traditional Greek and Tinian recipes, cooking in the old wood oven, in the way used in the past. When everything is ready, following the spirit of the “Greek Sunday table”, the meal comes accompanied with Tinian wine or raki. At the end of the day you leave with a big smile! Don’t forget to fill in your email in order to receive the recipes and souvenir photos. The program lasts 5-6 hours and takes place in groups of 4-12 persons.
(Total cost 85 € / person + taxes)
Picnic: Combine your favorite outdoor activity or your walk through nature with a special tasting experience. The Picnic is set up at a place of your choice and includes appetizers (greek “mezedes”) and flavors presenting the local products of Tinos, guiding you to the gastronomy of the island. All materials used follow the eco friendly approach.
(Total cost 35 € / person + taxes)
Small Event: Take care of your guests and give your event (reception, party, bachelor, family table, etc.) a special character. A variety of menus are available for each type of event as well as the ability to add items based on your own wishes.

Respect for nature, the use of pure ingredients and quality local products is the basis of the creations of TINOS FARM TO TABLE. Fresh eggs, seasonal gardening, fish and seafood from local fishermen, local meat, local cheeses and cold meats, homemade pies with handmade pie sheets. The basket is filled with fresh seasonal ingredients from the land of small producers who do not push it with chemicals to produce more, thus ensuring high nutritional value, purity and taste!

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